Please tell me what you buy and sell

TV, Laptop, PC parts, CD/DVD, Music Instrument, Audio, Camera, Game, Watch, Apparel, Jewelry, Interior, Sports&Outdoor, Bags&shoes, Tableware, Toys, Drones, Plastic Model, etc.

Can I sell items aren’t brand name?

Yes we can!! But it depends on the condition and cleanliness of the item

Can I sell items which were released like 5 years ago?

Yes we can!! But it depends on the condition and cleanliness of the items

Can you assess the price over the phone?

We must inspect Each item in person for condition and cleanliness, so most of the time unfortunately we can’t do it by phone

What kind of items bring a higher price?

1. well-organized, clean with no stains, well functioning
2. together with attachments and accessories
3. current, fashionable

Why is the offer price different at each store?

Each item differs in condition and cleanliness. The price may differ depending on current stock at store. We check each item visually and then decide the price based on the history database of over 150,000 items

Do you offer zero price?

Yes, depending on the condition. We have no choice but to offer zero at times. Additionally, if the customer wants, we can take it for free then offer it to either a donation center or liquidation store

Can I sell clothes with stains and/or dirt?

It depends on the condition, but we prefer clothing to be clean with no stains. Cleanliness is important to get a better offer

Can I sell high-brand name items without a guarantee card?

Rolex/Channel/Prada and so on would be preferred. Speak to a store manager to get more details

Can children sell items?

A Parent or legal guardian over the age of 21 must be present


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