Second Hand Store



There may be many reasons for you to get rid of old clothes, accessories, tables, drawers, and other household goods. You may be renovating an entire section of your house and have purchased to new furniture to go into it. Or, you may be moving and want to dispose of things you never wear or use any more. Rather than throw your old things away you should sell them.

EcoTown is the vendor to use when you want to sell items that are still good but no longer of use to you. Our stores are in neighborhoods throughout the country. You may find one near you.

EcoTown offers a range of quality clothes and household items. If you bought a sweater, shoes, or pair of pants a long time ago, wore them once, and have since forgotten about them, you can sell them at our store. Our goal is to give people a chance to be sellers—to put their gently used items on the market instead of throwing them in the trash. In doing so, we aim to keep more than 700 million pounds of good from filling up landfills each year.

If you are mindful of money and the environment, you should put your used stuff on sale at EcoTown.