Thrift store



Anyone who is looking to earn extra cash by getting rid of their old things knows that a thrift store is their best friend. These shops are the best places to sell stuff at home that are in good condition but are just occupying space and gathering dust. A discount shop is also a great place to find bargains when you’re in a pinch.

A quick visit to our shop Eco Town and your shopping routine will get turned upside down. Here’s in store when you visit our shop:

Earn Extra Money

Although here at Eco Town we only sell quality secondhand goods that are in good condition, you can still earn from the items you have at home. A quick check and valuation from our team and you can clear space at home while also earning extra cash.

Great Finds At Cheap Prices

Since our team is very meticulous when it comes to buying previously owned goods, our thrift store only sells the best, but still at bargain prices. Your $20 can go a long way if you know where and how to look!

If you’ve got something to sell or you’re looking for excellent deals, drop by our shop Eco Town today.