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A large selection of new merchandise arrives daily. This includes a wide variety of computers, audio equipment, music instruments, CDs, DVDs, games, brand name items, furniture, sporting goods, automotive goods, toys etc.


Guarantee cards reassure our customers when they make purchases. Guarantee cards are provided with the purchases of consumer electronics, musical instruments, watches and many other items. The guarantees — a cash-back return policy — are good for 10 days, one month, three months, six months or one year. Additionally, Eco Town offers free maintenance within a warranty period.

* Some exceptions apply, see store staff for details.
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Music & PA

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Band, Orchestra, Keyboard, etc.


TVs, Players, Sound reinforcement, etc.


Speakers, Players, Headphones, Amplifiers, etc.


Digital, Instant, Conventional, DSLR, Lenses, Accessories, etc.


Computers, Laptops, HDD, CPU, etc.


Hand tools, Power tools, Tool boxes, Saws, etc.


Womens Brand name clothing, Mens, Kids, Aloha shirts, etc.

Watch & Jewelry

Designer watches, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Gemstones, etc.


Lamps, Decorations, Picture frames, Knick knacks, etc.

Sports & Outdoors

Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Outdoors, Fishing, Camping, etc.

Bags & Shoes

Womens, Mens, Kids, Fashion brands, etc.


Dishes, Glass, Bowls, Utensils, Silverware, Glassware, etc.


Anime figures, Stuffed animals, etc.

Novelty Items

Trading cards, Collectibles, Character goods, Memorabilia, etc.


Boys, Girls, Mini toys, Toddler, Baby, etc.

Model Railroad

Trains, Rails, Accessories and Sets, etc.

RC & Drones

Cars, Boats, Airplanes, Helicopters, etc.

Plastic Models

Anime, Military, Cars, Airplanes, etc.

  • We pay in CASH
  • We provide a warranty for most items
  • We provide a product functionality check
  • We provide great service
  • We provide a well organized store

  • We do not accept refunds or returns
  • We do not do negotiate price
  • We do not reserve or hold products
  • We do not provide delivery
  • We do not purchase illegal products

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